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Corso online - Improving staff performance

Corso di formazione

Tools and techniques

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Categoria: Competenze personali
Codice: TC-SM-MIGPRE-EN.04
Fruibilità: 60 giorni entro il 01/01/2030

Descrizione del Corso:

Contents and details of the course


Main characteristics


Why a course on staff performance improvement?

  • First of all, let's say that managing people is one of the most challenging management tasks: for example, if your staff member's performance is unsatisfactory and you immediately reprimand him/her, his motivation is likely to disappear quickly
  • And you will find it challenging to reach your goals
  • The course aims at helping learners improve the performance of their staff through the use of feedback and performance appraisal interviews

Who should take this course?

  • Well, anyone who is responsible for managing people, you may say: and that's absolutely true
  • The course is essential for people who wish to acquire a management and communication style that encourages the development of staff competence, motivation and self-confidence, improving individual and team performance
  • We must bear in mind, however, that business and process management within an organization strongly depends on other people's performance; so, the course is going to offer great insights to both managers and anyone who is called to interact with a large number of people
  • What about in private life? In my experience, the course is very useful here too.

- The course should take about 4 hours to complete

You will be free to choose when to work on the course!

  • Even if you only have 15 minutes, make the most of it: you will automatically pick up where you left off.
  • Furthermore, to make the most of your time and energy, take my advice and do not rush through the course: organize different sessions for no more than 60 minutes.

Expecting to get bored?

  • Prepare to change your mind! 
  • The course is designed to encourage in-depth exploration of the topic and the individual experience
  • Texts, videos, tutorials, quizzes, cartoons and dialogues intended to offer a unique learning experience
    • 17 videos inspired by real situations
    • 29 exercises
    • 25 interactive pages
    • More than 10 pdf files to download and use in the future
    • 4 cartoon strip
  • See below for more details about the contents.

PC, tablet or smartphone?

  • You can use a PC or a mobile device (tablet/smartphone) that supports HTML5 (IOS, Android, Windows).
  • Up-to-date versions of the most popular browsers are recommended: Chrome and Safari usually offer better performance.

The certificate of attendance

At the end of the course, you will download a certificate of attendance once you pass the test


The course is divided into sections

  • Introduction to the course (10 minutes)
  • How the course works (10 minutes)
  • Managing a supervisory role (10 minutes)
  • 4 types of feedback (10 minutes)
  • The reprimand (30 minutes)
  • The praise (30 minutes)
  • Effectiveness of feedback (10 minutes)
  • The performance appraisal interview (50 minutes)
  • Common traps of the appraisal interview (20 minutes)
  • Preparing for the final test (10 minutes)
  • Final test (30 minutes)

 Watch the first chapter now!

The course is set in the classroom and Arduino (the author of the course) and Ilaria (his assistant) will guide you through the study.

Learning material

During the course you will use the following learning material, that you can download for future use

  • The 4 types of feedback – A comparison
  • Open-ended or semi-open-ended questions in the performance appraisal interview
  • Your guide to the performance appraisal interview
  • Closed-ended questions – Comprehension check – Examples
  • Closed-ended questions – Paraphrasing – Examples
  • Posts and cartoon strip on praise and reprimand
  • Praise and Panegyric – A comparison
  • Constructive and destructive reprimand – A comparison
  • Glossary with the main terms used in the course